Intelligent Audio Solutions by Waves

From content creation to delivery, Waves MAXX® maximizes audio experience for all consumers by integrating our award winning professional technologies into consumer electronic devices.

Waves Nx® is forever changing the way headphones deliver 3D audio by combining room emulation, human hearing modeling, and for the ultimate Nx experience… precision motion tracking.

Waves MAXX® is Where You Need It

Smart assistance and communication devices are now at the center of our homes. Waves knows that when IoT devices work intelligently, seamlessly, have superior sound, and improved “hearing,” they can bring you and your family closer.

Refined as leader in international broadcasting, Waves communication technologies offer professional level intelligibility and clarity, no matter how loud the background noise is or how far apart you and your colleagues are.

Waves audio technologies ensure mobile devices and all their connected peripherals sound impactful and clear. With Waves, from music to movies to apps, your mobile device will deliver a full and immersive audio experience on the go.

Waves audio and voice technologies ensure games deliver an impactful audio experience and clear intelligibility for online communication between gamers. Waves Nx® ensures a 3D audio experience that immerses you in a virtual reality, audio environment.

Waves MAXX® Audio Technologies for Smart Communication Devices.

The Future is Hear

Over 25 years in innovation has positioned Waves at the peak of an audio revolution.

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